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Alanas Ibrahimas Chošnau (born on 11 July 1974 in Vilnius, Lithuania, former Soviet Union) is a popular Lithuanian singer and songwriter. Born in a Kurdish ‐ Lithuanian family (mother –  Lithuanian, father – Kurdish), lived in Baghdad, but after the early loss of his mother grew up in the care of his loving grandmother in Vilnius.

“I have been traveling this road for many years now. Since fourteen I consciously wanted to devote my life to the music and actually did so. Music means all to me – the beginning and the end of the road… I live with the music. I live for the music. I share my music with the greatest love and belief that my listener feels it…”

In 1992 ‐ 2001 Alanas was the frontman of the then extremely popular band ‘Naktinės Personos’, which released 10 albums and 2 singles with multiple awards the ‘Band of the Year’ and ‘Album of the Year’. As soon as the first record ‘Mes paukščiai’ (We Are the Birds) was released, the media immediately labelled ‘Naktinės Personos’ as the new age romantics able to create a solid Lithuanian pop music after the fall of Soviet Union. And the band successfully did so during their entire life until splitting in 2001.

In 2003 Alanas released his first solo album ‘Pusiau atmerktos akys’ (Half‐Open Eyes) which turned into a bestseller and gained Alanas his first personal award the ‘Best Performer of the Year’. Moreover ‘Pusiau atmerktos akys’ won the ‘Golden Disc’ and ‘Best Song of the Year’ (song ‘Laiškas ant sniego’) awards. The following album ‘Mintimis su tavimi’ (With You In My Mind) also won the ‘Golden Disc’ award. In 2006 Alanas was two times personally awarded as the ‘Best Performer of the Year‘. In 2008 he played in the Lithuanian movie ‘5 dienų avantiūra’ (5 Days Affair).

Currently Alanas holds seven solo albums, couple of which were mastered in the USA by Grammy Awards’ nominee Jonas Dainius Beržanskis.

Love, aspiration, hope and desires are deeply intertwined in Alanas’ songs. It is not accidental as all his life is marked with extreme emotions. Loss of his beloved mother, magnificent popularity and miraculous survival after the violent car crash are vivid personal experiences, which subtly reflects in his music. Perhaps this is why Alanas is able to take a special path to listeners’ hearts and hold an outstanding place in the Lithuanian music world.





  • 1993 / Muzika ir daugiau (Music and More)
  • 1994 / Ramiai (Peacefully)
  • 1995 / Tiems, kurie mūsų negirdi (For Those Who Don’t Hear Us)
  • 1996 / Pažvelk kitaip (Take a Different Look)
  • 1996 / Tikras garsas (Live)
  • 1997 / Sexta (Sexta)
  • 1998 / Atvirai (Honestly)
  • 1999 / 9 dainos (Nine Songs)
  • 2000 / Diena. Naktis (The Day. The Night)
  • 2001 / Šilko kelias (Silky Way)


  • 1997 / Kelyje (On the Road)
  • 1998 / Ša la la (Sha‐la‐la)

Main Achievements

  • 1993 / The Best Videos of the Year ‘Ir Taip Visada’ and ‘Tavo paveikslas’ (Studija MT)
  • 1995 / Fans Award for the Song ‘Tiems, Kurie Mūsų Negirdi’ (LTV, Msic Hotel Show)
  • 1996 / The Best Pop Band of the Year (Ultra Vires Radio station)
  • 1997 / The Best Video of the Year ‘Aš Jaučiuosi Taip Keistai’ (LTV)
  • 1997 / The Top Selling Albums of the Year (4 Albums, Audis company)
  • 1998 / The Best Band of the Year (Radiocentras Music Awards)
  • 1998 / The Best Song of the Year ‘Sukasi Ratu’ (Radiocentras Music Awards)
  • 1998 / The Best Band of the Year (Bravo Music Awards)
  • 1998 / The Most Popular Band of the Year (Bravo Music Award)
  • 1998 / The First Solo Concert of Naktinės Personos attracts 30 000 fans (Vingio Park)
  • 2000 / The Best Band of the Year (Radiocentras Music Awards)



  • 2003 / Pusiau atmerktos akys (Half‐Open Eyes)
  • 2003 / Mintimis su tavimi (With You In My Mind)
  • 2005 / Iš dangaus (Out of the Sky)
  • 2005 / Akustinis koncertas tamsoje (Acoustic Concert in the Dark)
  • 2007 / Aš kaip ir tu (Me Like You)
  • 2008 / Geriausios dainos (The Greatest Hits)
  • 2009 / Geri laikai (Good times)

Main Achievements

  • 2003 / The Golden Disc Award, album ‘Half-Open Eyes’
  • 2003 / The Best Song of the Year, ‘Letter on the Snow’ (Lithuanian National Radio Awards)
  • 2004 / The Best Performer of the Year (Radiocentras Music Awards)
  • 2004 / The Golden Disc Award, album ‘With You in My Mind’
  • 2004 / The Best Male Video ‘My Love for You’ (Tango TV Music Awards)
  • 2005 / President of the children and youth music festival ‘We are the World’
  • 2006 / The Best Performer of the Year (Radiocentras Music Awards)
  • 2006 / The Best Performer of the Year (Lithuanian JP Music Awards)
  • 2008 / Silver Microphone Award in ‘Celebrity Duos Show’ (LNK TV)

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